Thriving Self Leaders Program

‘Thriving Self Leaders’ Program

A ‘Thriving Self Leader’ has the emotional intelligence and knowledge to ‘self coach’ themselves, to be able to adapt a more positive and tolerant mindset, to better manage adversity, change, uncertainty and the stresses of work and life; so that they can positively change their mindset to support their wellbeing, thrive and deliver value to meet goals.


7 Dimensions of Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety empowers an organisation’s performance across Wellbeing, Innovation, Integrity, Inclusion, Change Agility, Team Performance, Safety, Accountability, Productivity and Performance.

Psychological Safety is a shared belief that the environment is safe and conducive to be vulnerable, authentic and to take interpersonal risks.
An absence of FEAR and RISK.

Organisations need to support their workforce to learn the ‘self coaching’ skills to ‘self lead’ themselves, and overcome their perceived FEAR and RISK, across the diverse situations that create threat and stress.

In order for individuals and organisations to thrive, individuals must experience psychological safety across all 7 dimensions.


7 Dimensions of Psychological Safety

1. Safety for Hope & Optimism
Emotional Wellbeing - by having greater self awareness, and skills to harness a more positive, optimistic and hopeful mindset, to better manage emotions and stress
2. Safety for Meaning & Purpose
Meaning & Purpose – by applying a strengths-based approach to drive engagement, motivation, meaning and purpose, to make valuable contributions and realise one’s full potential
3. Safety for Belonging & Inclusion
Positive Relationships & Belonging – by connecting with compassionate, empathetic, supportive and non judgmental relationships, to feel included with respect and belonging
4. Safety for Learning & Development
Ongoing Learning and Accomplishment – by being supported to continuously learn, grow, develop and accomplish goals
5. Safety for Authenticity
Worthiness & Self Confidence – by feeling empowered to feel vulnerable, worthiness and confident, to be assertive, influential and authentic.
6. Safety for Work Life Balance
Energy & Health – by supporting the ‘whole person’ across work and life, to have vitality, work life balance and mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing
7. Safety for Challenging the Status Quo
Risk Taking & Courage – by being empowered to take risks and challenge the status quo, to drive change, integrity, safety and innovation



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