Activate & Care of Empower Spiritual Jewellery

Activating the power of your jewellery

Activating Your Empower Spiritual Jewellery For Your Personal Intention

Natural gems, seeds and beads possess inherent spiritual power for us to gain and energise our lives, but their full spiritual powers remain dormant, unless that power is properly and fully activated. 

All Empower Spiritual Jewellery is authentically and fully activated and blessed using the divine spiritual techniques and step-by-step processes adopted by enlightened spiritual masters, so that the wearer can gain the full divine power and potential of spiritual healing benefits, each jewellery item is designed to deliver. 

The final stage of the activation process involves you….

Setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you want to go. It becomes the driving force of your subconscious. 

By wearing this specially created jewellery by ‘The Empower Life Company’, with an intention in mind, to activate the benefits and healing, powered by the healing power of nature, it serves to empower you, and with daily wear, be a constant reminder to remain mindful of the intention desired; focusing yourself and the universe’s energy, to help you achieve your goals.  

To personally activate your Empower Spiritual jewellery, please follow the following meditation practice before your wear your Empower Spiritual Jewellery for the first time:

1) Wash your hands, find a quiet and tranquil space and light a candle. 
2) Place your ‘Empower’ Spiritual Jewellery’ in a small bowl of water – keep the tassel out of the water pls.
3) Close your eyes and think mindfully about the benefit and intention you desire in life, in line with the benefit message stated for your selected Empower Spiritual Jewellery. Meditate quietly for 2 minutes with this intention benefit in your mind.
4) Recite the following mantra 27 times -  “OM NAMAY SHIVAYA’ 

(You can use your fingers to help you keep count – you have 5 fingers on each hand and each finger has 3 sections – to count to 27, count 3 sections on each finger, on all 5 fingers from one hand and 4 fingers from the other hand).

5) Wear your ‘Empower’ Spiritual Jewellery, and continue to wear for 40 consecutive days to tune and align the energy to your personal benefit – you may take off your Empower Spiritual Jewellery to sleep, shower, sports, exercise, swim and sauna. The cotton tassels are natural cotton and can be used with your favourite essential olis to carry the relaxing aroma that can keep you mindful of your intention and benefit sought. 
6) Over the initial 40 days of wearing your Empower Spiritual Jewellery, stay mindful of your intention and take notes about how you feel whist wearing your Empower Spiritual Jewellery.
7) After 40 days, you can wear it as often as you wish to empower yourself daily or as needed on special days when you need the energy power for greater support – you can also wear the malas and bracelets for the 7 different benefit pillars or your star sign to support your daily life, based on what intention and benefit you desire, on a particular day, or stage in your life.  

Caring for your Empower Spiritual Jewellery

Please treat your Empower Spiritual Jewellery with care to nurture the power leveraged from nature and sustain the energy activated with spiritual connection and power.

  • To sustain the power of your intention and benefits, please wear your Empower Spiritual Jewellery daily, or as frequently as possible.
  • When not wearing, please keep your Empower Spiritual Jewellery in a safe, dry place, separate from other pieces of jewellery – the ‘Empower’ cylinder gift box is an ideal place.
  • Please respect your Empower Spiritual Jewellery and not place on the ground.
  • Your Empower Spiritual Jewellery can be washed with soap and water – please do not use chemicals. Thereafter please reactivate using personal intention activation process, like you would, the first time you wore your Empower Spiritual Jewellery


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