Stress Buster Workshop

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we all need support to better manage the stress of uncertainty. This 45 minute workshop is for those keen to learn the skills to 'self coach' and train themselves to better manage their conscious and subconscious emotions, to improve emotional wellbeing, for better health and to optimally perform in life, work and relationships.


R U OK? Day – Improve Communications With Yourself

Duration: 20 minutes

Whilst many initiatives on ‘R U OK?’ Day support the community to learn skills and conversation techniques to support others, this workshop supports individuals to learn the skills to better communicate with yourself, in order to empower wellbeing. 

Emotions are a powerful compass to help guide, motivate and protect us. But often, dealing with stress and emotions can feel overwhelming and results in anxiety. Our mind and thoughts play an important role in supporting our emotional wellbeing. In this 20 minute workshop, participants will learn about the power of verbalizing emotions, and how our choice of language affects our mindset; to either debilitate us or empower us.

By learning to more effectively communicate about emotions with ourself, we can support our mental wellbeing.