About Sharn Bedi

Sharn Bedi

Sharn Bedi, is the founder, CEO (Chief Empower Officer) & the inspiring force behind ‘The Empower Life Company’.

Sharn is a personal coach who has supported individuals from all ages and stages, couples, families and organisations, with executive, leadership, entrepreneurship and life coaching services to enhance wellbeing, resilience, emotional intelligence, collaboration, productivity, personal development, managing change, and achieving greater success and meaning.

Born in India, she grew up surrounded and influenced by the mystical powers of astrology, spirituality and the healing power of Ayurveda, gems and nature.  After schooling in Australia, Sharn worked in Singapore, advancing her corporate career and learning to cope with the many ups and downs of life – from work stress, marital life challenges, problems within family and relationships, and overcoming many health challenges too, through the use of positive psychology, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality and leveraging the beneficial energy from Rudraksha spiritual beads and gem stones.

Sharn believes in the power of nature, spirituality and mindset to enhance our energy, wellbeing, happiness, meaning, relationships, career & academic success, abundance and prosperity – all ultimately resulting in leading a more meaningful life – the ultimate goal.

Despite a successful corporate career, Sharn was attracted to pursue her life purpose - "to help people live more meaningful, happier and worthy lives", through leveraging the power of spirituality, nature, self reflection and self coaching, to guide daily emotions, thoughts, behaviour and success.

Sharn also leveraged the power of nature, Rudraksha (Spiritual beads), Gemstones and Crystals, to support her on a daily basis, and frustrated with the lack of authentic Gems and Rudraksha (Spiritual beads), of highest energy vibratory quality, Sharn sought advise from gem specialists and astrologists in India, to design spiritual jewellery and products, for daily wear and usage, to support leading a more meaningful life.

The Empower Life Companyis Sharn’s vision to help share this secret power of the mind and nature, to benefit and help others gain greater happiness, health, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and lead more meaningful lives.

Sharn has hosted three TV series – ‘A Kitchen Abroad’ (13 episode cooking show released in 2014), ‘Secrets of Womanhood’ (11 episode talk show to empower women, released in 2016) and ‘Subah ki Chai – Season 6’ (8 episode travel show on Maldives, released in 2019), and believes in breaking society’s stereotypes to ensure all can achieve their dreams, lead non judged, happier and more meaningful lives.

Sharn is definitely a lady that likes to live life fully - with confidence, continuously learning, defying the odds and constantly challenging failure -  all with a dose of laughter and fun.


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