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The Thriving Self Leaders Program

The Empower Life Company’ Coaching Programs and Workshops are personal development programs to support individuals to thrive and lead a more meaningful life and career.


Coaching Programs

  • Personal Leadership Coaching Program 

    The ’Personal Leadership’ Coaching Program supports an individual to become a ‘Thriving Self Leader’.

    “A Thriving Self Leader’ has the emotional intelligence to ‘self coach’ themselves and adapt a more positive and optimistic mindset to better manage change, adversity, uncertainty and stresses of life and work; to sustain wellbeing and move forward by thriving and performing in life, relationships and work. As  a ‘Thriving Self Leader’, an individual has greater wellbeing and effectiveness in all domains of personal life and work, resulting in enhanced satisfaction in personal and professional life, life, health and relationships.  

    The objective of the coaching program is to support the individual to enhance their emotional intelligence to support better engagement, productivity, agility to change, performance and emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing in life ant at work to lead a happier, healthier and more meaningful life; in order to be a more effective leader of self and others .

    The coaching program leverages the scientifically proven principles of coaching, positive psychology, and cognitive  behaviour therapy, to gain greater self awareness, overcome past and current challenges, self limiting beliefs, and provides a structured methodology to learn the skills to better manage self, situations and others, to achieve goals and success to full potential.

    The coaching program is aligned to the 7 guiding principles of ‘EMPOWER’, that are scientifically proven to help us lead a more thriving and meaningful life.

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  • Career Advancement Coaching Program 

    The Career Advancement Coaching Program is for those keen to progress in their careers, whether that is career development support for success in promotion and leadership succession opportunities, career change, or career transition support to successfully gain employment post redundancy.

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  • Brand Your Purpose Coaching Program

    The ‘Brand Your Purpose’ Coaching Program is for those keen to connect with, and clearly identify and articulate their passion and purpose.
    Regardless of whether your desire is to pursue more meaning in your role or to create your purpose business, it’s important to strategically brand your purpose, to ensure it is clearly and consistently communicated to support you to meet your vision.

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About your coach

Sharn is an accredited Neuroleadership Coach; an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program.

Sharn has completed various business and psychology studies and is a graduate of masters studies (MBA). With more than three decades of work experience across Global markets, and broad range of industries (manufacturing, advertising services, healthcare – pharmaceuticals, capital equipment, devices, digital portals, recruitment, training and leadership development), and senior executive leadership experience, Sharn has successfully accomplished being a Vice President APAC and Managing Director APAC roles.

Sharn left the corporate world, to pursue her calling ‘to give back’, and pursued professional talent development to live her purpose “to support people to be happier, healthier and to achieve their full potential by overcoming limitations and judgments placed on them by society and self”.

As an executive coach, Sharn has supported leaders across  all levels, and industries – including corporate organisations, education, not-for-profit, Government and other public sector organisations.

Sharn combines her experience in marketing, branding, people development, business development, coaching, training and development, along with her knowledge and  intrigue in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology, to add value to support people to thrive and achieve success.

Sharn’s workshop facilitation, thought leadership and professional coaching has benefitted individuals and organisations to build leadership skills for greater confidence, authenticity, executive presence, emotional intelligence, resilience and agility to manage change and adversity, drive culture change, improve collaboration, engagement, productivity, creativity and better manage stress for improved wellbeing.

Sharn also has extensive experience supporting women in leadership positions and supporting individuals to advance their careers with career development support for success in promotion and leadership succession opportunities, career change, and career transition support to successfully gain employment post redundancy.

Sharn is also an active advocate to improve mental wellbeing and coaches and trains organisations and individuals to improve stress management and mental wellbeing . This mission is very close to her heart, as she has ‘lived’ experience in managing stress of being a corporate leader, having dealt with health problems due to stress, dealt with redundancy, relocation, relationship breakdowns, a family history of depression, a carer of family with mental health concerns and learning difficulties, losing a loved one to suicide, as well as past history of depression herself.

Sharn’s coaching is often complimented for creating greater self-awareness of subconscious biases, in order to help drive behaviour change, and support achievement of personal, professional and organisation goals..

As a leader, Sharn has been admired for her tenacity, resilience, grit, people development, commercialisation, brand development and thought leadership skills.

Sharn is definitely a lady that likes to live life fully - with confidence, integrity, defying the odds, constantly challenging failure, continuously learning and nurturing – all with a dose of laughter, compassion and fun.