Healing Power of Gemstones

Gemstones in jewellery

Healing Power of Gemstones

Since ancient times, gemstones, crystals and minerals, have formed part of many spiritual practices - due to their energy and associated benefits. In some belief systems, gemstones are placed on certain areas of the body, called “chakras,” to promote healing. In other systems, gaining health benefits from gemstones can be as simple as wearing a piece of jewellery made with a specific gem.

Empower Spiritual Jewellery has been carefully designed with the right combination and number of best quality gem stones to activate benefits aligned to each benefit pillar; to lead to a more meaningful life:

Em: Emotional Wellbeing
M: Meaning & Purpose
P: Positive Relationships & Belonging
O: Ongoing Learning & Achievement
W: Worthiness & Self Confidence
En: Energy & Health
R: Risk Taking & Courage

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