About ‘The Empower Life Company’

With increasing rates of stress, anxiety and depression, our society urgently needs support to learn skills to better control our emotions and empower our 'happiness', 'health' and 'emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing', so that we may thrive and have a meaningful life and career.

The Empower Life Company provides personal development training and coaching solutions that leverage the scientifically proven principles of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, cognitive behaviour therapy, coaching and the science of wellbeing and happiness to train individuals with skills and practices, to transform mindsets and become more empowered as 'Thriving Self Leaders', able to navigate stresses and uncertainties of life and work - for enhanced wellbeing, engagement, integrity, productivity, performance and change agility and lead a more meaningful life and career.

We work with organisations to support individuals to better manage stress and emotions to enhance productivity, performance, engagement, integrity, change agility and support the 'whole person' in life and career to support leadership development, manage through change and transformation, enhance diversity and inclusion initiatives and improve safety and wellbeing.

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We also support individuals to leverage the healing powers of nature - Rudraksha spiritual beads, gemstones, metal therapy and colour therapy to empower us with the universal energy to support mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing to lead more meaningful lives.


Our Mission

The Empower Life Company mission is to create products and services to empower people and communities to lead happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.


Our Values

Our Values are based on 2 Freedoms and 2 Drives: 

  1. Freedom from Fear – We operate in an environment free from fear to support a curious mindset to ideate, explore, innovate, improve, and learn from failures
  2. Freedom to Be – Our culture is non-judgmental and embraces kindness, compassion, and inclusion to support everyone to express themselves confidently and authentically.
  3. Drive Positive Relationships – We foster respectful, open, and honest communications, for belonging, unity, and positive collaborations.
  4. Drive Optimism, Meaning & Fun – We operate in a positive, fun and thriving environment where we feel connected with purpose and have opportunities to add value utilising and enhancing our strengths.


7 Guiding Principles of ‘The Empower Life Company’

All products and services by ‘The Empower Life Company’ align with the following 7 guiding principles, that are crucial for leading a ‘happy’, ‘healthy’, and ‘meaningful life’.

EMPOWER’ is an acronym for these 7 guiding principles – with each forming a pillar; with respective benefits gained from the selected ‘The Empower Life Company’ products and services:

Em: Emotional Wellbeing
M: Meaning & Purpose
P: Positive Relationships & Belonging
O: Ongoing Learning & Achievement
W: Worthiness & Self Confidence
En: Energy & Health
R: Risk Taking & Courage

Em: Emotional Wellbeing – To thrive and have a meaningful life, we must harness positive emotions, to obtain peace, tranquility, happiness, harmony and balance; in order to overcome stress, low mood and negativity.

M: Meaning & Purpose – To thrive and have a meaningful life, we must gain clarity of purpose and goals, to be inspired and motivated to achieve ambition and full potential; in order to overcome stagnation, procrastination, and boredom.

P: Positive Relationships & Belonging – To thrive and have a meaningful life, we must have greater love, acceptance, understanding and respect, to feel belonging and nurtured in relationships; in order to eliminate loneliness and heart break.

O: Ongoing Learning & Achievement – To thrive and have a meaningful life, we must have grit and a growth mindset, to achieve academic, career and personal success; in order to overcome lack of concentration, productivity and progress.

W: Worthiness & Self Confidence - To thrive and have a meaningful life, we must gain greater self awareness, self acceptance and self compassion, to increase worthiness, influence and power; to overcome lack of self belief and confidence.

En: Energy & Health - To thrive and have a meaningful life, we must improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, to obtain zest, vitality and wellbeing; to overcome low energy and health concerns.

R: Risk Taking & Courage – To thrive and have a meaningful life, we must become more courageous, curious, open to new experiences and see uncertainty and failure as opportunities, to obtain greater abundance, prosperity and Courage; in order to overcome fear and worry about the future.


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