Healing Power Of Nature

How nature can help heal

Leveraging The Healing Power of Nature

For thousands of years, nature has produced gemstones, seeds and Rudraksha (spiritual) beads; possessing electrical magnetic energy, with therapeutic and spiritual healing properties.

There’s an inner secrecy, Sadhana, to creating and activating jewellery to fully leverage the power and miracle of nature, using spiritual processes of choosing the correct combination and number of healing gemstones and spiritual beads, and following sacred chants, mantras, and processes to fully activate the power, Shakti, inherent in Nature. The use of these exact formulas and processes is very important ingredient in the creation of Empower Jewellery to make the power of nature available for your personal daily empowerment, to create a more meaningful life.

Like the spiritual power of prayer beads, which are traditionally made with 108 beads, the 'Empower Spiritual Jewellery' necklaces, Malas, are made with 108 beads.

Various scientific research have documented the powerful benefits, healing and spiritual gains of wearing rudraksha beads and gemstones, known from ancient times, and Ayurveda medicine has also documented the therapeutic health benefits gained from Rudraksha (Spiritual) beads.

The Healing Power of Nature

The Healing Power of Rudraksha

The Healing Power of Gemstones

The Healing Power of Colour

The Healing Power of Metals

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