Healing Powers of Metal

Healing Powers of Metals

Healing Power of Metals

Each Empower Spiritual Jewellery is also activated to provide the additional benefit of natural metals - silver, copper and brass, with the ‘The Empower Life Company’ Couragey coin.

Since ancient times, silver, copper, and brass, have been used for their healing, protective and energising properties - when metal gets into contact with the skin, the connection produces magnetic-electric current, which flows energy through the body.

It was thought that natural metals were formed in Earth’s interior, under celestial bodies, as such corresponded astrologically to different planets.

Silver is attributed to the Moon and has unique cooling effect.
Copper is attributed to Venus and has a unique energising effect.
Brass is attributed to Mars and has a unique protective effect.

Healing Power of Silver

Silver, is attributed to the Moon, and has unique calming, cooling and soothing properties, and helps to improve intuition, love and emotional wellbeing.

Healing Power of Copper

Copper, is attributed to Venus, and is an excellent conductor of energy; promoting good vibrations, awareness and intuition, and enhances love and bonds between people. as well as healing, de-stressing and purifying properties.

Healing Power of Brass

Brass is attributed to Mars, and is a protective metal that enhances courage, healing and attracts abundance and wealth.

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