Malas and Bracelets

Malas and Bracelets

A Mala, is the traditional name for a Necklace with spiritual significance and symbolic of the infinite source of energy that attunes us to our higher power and chakras.

A Mala reminds us of our inner self and continuously draws our awareness toward meditation, intention and the power within us

A Mala is a spiritually significant and meaningful item, often worn and used for meditation and mindfulness practices, while reciting a mantra or intention of your choice. A Mantra is an affirmation or intention that is said at each bead, powering your Mala, Head, Heart and Soul with your positive energy.

When the Roman Empire was trading with India, they mistook the word ‘japa’ (mantra mala) for ‘jap’, the Latin word for “rose.” So when these prayer beads came to be used in Rome, they were called rosarium, or rosary, hence the origin of Christian beads is from ancient Indian Malas.

More than two-thirds of the world use prayer beads, rosary beads, or worry beads today, to aid in their spiritual practices

Like the spiritual power of prayer beads, which are traditionally made with 108 beads, the Empower Spiritual Malas, are also made with 108 beads.

Malas, in some cultures, like Buddhist communities, are frequently given as gifts - to celebrate a birthday, marriage, anniversary or new beginnings, or as keepsakes to provide protection.


There’s an inner secrecy, ‘Sadhana’, to creating and activating jewellery to fully leverage the power and miracle of nature - using spiritual processes of choosing the correct combination and number of healing gemstones and sacred beads, and following sacred chants, mantras, and processes, to fully activate the power, Shakti, inherent in Nature. The use of these exact formulas and processes is very important ingredient in the creation of Empower Spiritual Jewellery, to make the power of nature available for your personal daily energy and empowerment to achieve the intention and benefit, for a more meaningful life.


Each 'Empower Spiritual Jewellery' is designed with natural colored cotton thread and tassels, that are aligned to leverage the power of raindow’s color spectrum and balance Chakras in the body.

The Rainbow is one of the most beautiful and magical phenomena of nature; signifying hope and Courage.

Each of the 7 colors of the rainbow spectrum has significant meaning; just like the 7 benefit pillars of EMPOWER:

 Colour  Empower Pillar  Signifies

 Em Emotional Wellbeing

Root Chakra

 Strength & Vibrancy

 M Meaning & Purpose

Sacral Chakra

 Energy & Clarity

 P Positive Relationships & Belonging

Solar Plexus Chakra

 Sunshine & Happiness

 O Ongoing Learning & Achievement

Heart Chakra

 Life & Growth

 W Worthiness & Self Confidence

Throat Chakra

 Ocean, Sky and Ease

 En Energy & Health

Third Eye Chakra

 Energy & Intuition

R Risk Taking & Courage

Crown Chakra

 Beginnings & Magic

The colored cotton tassels are natural and can be used with your favourite essential oils to carry the relaxing aroma that can keep you mindful of your intention and benefit sought.


Each 'Empower Spiritual Jewellery' is also activated to provide the additional benefit of natural metals - silver, copper and brass, with the ‘The Empower Life CompanyCouragey coin. (See the Healing Power of Metal)


Empower Spiritual Jewellery’ by ‘The Empower Life Company’ are anchored in leveraging scientifically proven principles of positive psychology, and inspired by the healing power of nature, crystals and gem stones, to energise and empower us, to enhance ‘happiness’, ‘health’, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing’, and lead a more ‘meaningful’ life.


Regardless of the difficulties we have gone through in life, or are currently going through, with intention, mindfulness, belief, optimism and energized by nature’s gifts of Rudraksha (Spiritual beads) and gemstones, we can be empowered to heal and celebrate life; through it’s various stages, with greater resilience, positivity and meaning.

Empower Spiritual Jewellery’, energised with Rudraksha (spiritual) beads and carefully selected combination of gemstones, protect and energise you, in line with the selected benefit pillar. and remind you of your desired intention to lead a more meaningful life.

By setting your intention, ‘Empower Spiritual Jewellery’, not only leverages the natural power and energy of Rudraksha (Spiritual beads) and gemstones, but also serves to shift your mindset to achieve your intention – daily wear of ‘Empower Spiritual Jewellery’ serves to remind you to stay more mindful, positive and optimistic, to enable you to think and behave in accordance, to move forward with your intention.

The Healing Power of Nature

The Healing Power of Rudraksha

The Healing Power of Gemstones

The Healing Power of Colour

The Healing Power of Metals

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