Meaning of our Logo

3 Powerful Symbols in ‘The Empower Life Company’ Logo




The Trident, Rainbow and Butterfly are 3 important symbols representing ‘The Empower Life Company’ mission to empower people and communities to live happier, healthier and more meaningful life by leveraging the power of nature and positive psychology.

The Trident, Rainbow, and Butterfly, are three powerful symbols that represent miracle, energy, power and protection of nature, and the power within us to shift our mindset, to have greater hope and optimism, to gain control and transform our lives, to be more meaningful.


Shiva with TrishulTrident

The Trident is a 3 pronged spear that is referenced in Greek mythology; used by Poseidon, God of Sea, to create new bodies of water - a crucial source of nature’s energy for life. In Indian mythology, the ‘Trident’ is called ‘Trishul’, which is a sacred weapon, used by Lord Shiva, to fight off negativity.

The Trident signifies the power within us – to shift our mindset to be able to fight off negativity, overcome hardships, anxiety, uncertainty and demons within our inner selves; and be transformed, to reach our full potential and lead a more meaningful life – full of positivity, happiness, wellbeing, confidence, meaning and purpose.  



Butterflies, are regarded as colorful and beautiful creatures, with magical and positive appeal. They are transform from a caterpillar freeing out of a cocoon - a metaphor for growth, breaking free, transformations, new life and new beginnings.

Butterflies have a short life span - this too serves as a reminder for us – life is short, and we only have one life, so we need to make the most of it, by embracing the present moment with gratitude and future with optimism, to lead a more meaningful life.



The Rainbow is one of the most beautiful and magical phenomena of nature; signifying hope, positivity and courage. A rainbow is formed when both rain and sun are present together, and the sunlight enters the falling rain drops to break into the spectrum of colors through the light.



Each of the 7 colors of the rainbow has significant meaning; just like the 7 benefit pillars of EMPOWER and the relative influence on respective Chakra:

 Colour  Empower Pillar & Chakra  Signifies

 Em Emotional Wellbeing

Root Chakra

 Strength & Vibrancy

 M Meaning & Purpose

Sacral Chakra

 Energy & Clarity

 P Positive Relationships & Belonging

Solar Plexus Chakra

 Sunshine & Happiness

 O Ongoing Learning & Achievement

Heart Chakra

 Life & Growth

 W Worthiness & Self Confidence

Throat Chakra

 Ocean, Sky and Ease

 En Energy & Health

Third Eye Chakra

 Energy & Intuition

 R Risk Taking & Courage

Crown Chakra

 Beginnings & Magic



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